Virgin Wines vs Naked Wines

Choosing a wine club can be a difficult choice, especially if you're not sure exactly what you're looking for. Here, we've broken down the key differences between Virgin Wines and Naked Wines to give you as much information as you could possibly need to make your decision. 

In the end, every wine club is different and there won't be one service that's perfect for everyone. So take your time, read up about the differences and make the right choice for you!

Virgin Wines

Everyone knows the Virgin brand. Covering everything from airlines to broadband, Virgin is a household name synonymous with Richard Branson. While Virgin Wines originally started within the same group, it's now independent from the mothership and operating on its own.

When you dig in to what Virgin Wines offers, it's a relatively straightforward proposition. As the equivalent of an online wine supermarket, you can choose individual bottles of wine or pre-mixed cases based on their best selling wines. You can also add other spirits to your order as part of the checkout process. 

Virgin Wines also offer three wine clubs: WineBank, Discovery Wine Club and justREDS. Because they're not a core part of the Virgin proposition though, they feel a little tacked on. WineBank is their premium wine club, where you add a specific amount of money every month, that you can then use to spend on wine. Discovery Wine Club and justREDS are more specific, sending you 12 bottles of wine every 3 months.

Overall, Virgin Wines is a good option if you're a fan of the brand and especially if you've found one of their discount codes to get started with, because you can get a lot of wine for a very good price as a one-off.

Naked Wines

You'll probably have heard of Naked Wines from one of their discount vouchers that seem to be everywhere. Offering steep discounts to get people started, they're well worth exploring.

Naked Wines have kept things much more simple, with just one key offering. You sign up and become an "Angel". Angels pay in £20 every month to their Naked Wines account, which they can then use to spend on any of the wines available from Naked. Naked in turn can use those advance payments to support independent wine makers and source good wine at decent prices.

Overall, Naked Wines is perfect if you want a straightforward wine club that sits somewhere between the more traditional newspaper wine clubs and the newer wine subscription services. You still get control over which specific wines you get but there's less faff than going to order every time at the supermarket.


Choosing between Naked Wines and Virgin Wines comes down to what you're really looking for. Do you want a big name brand like Virgin or are you willing to try something new like Naked? Do you want to order like a supermarket with Virgin or pay monthly with Naked? And do you want a choice of wine clubs with Virgin or a single option with Naked?

The choice is yours. And if you're still not sure, we'd of course recommend checking out Winepost too now you're here — we've taken the most simple, straightforward approach to a wine subscription so that you can learn exactly what you like in your own time.