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Your gift will be automatically cancelled after this.
We'll only use this to send them an email after their first box of wine arrives, with instructions on how to rate each bottle.

Delay until Christmas?

If you order today and choose this option, we'll hold the first box and only send it on the 16th December, for delivery on the 18th. We'll also add a sticker to the top of the box clearly saying not to open the box until Christmas Day. Because we know it will be difficult for many people not to be spending the day together this year, we've made this option free.

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Click a gift card and add your message for us to write inside.

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These are one-off additions to your first delivery and you'll only be charged once. You can always add one-off bottles of Prosecco and Port to future deliveries from your Winepost account.
We ask for this to ensure we're only selling to customers over 18.