Multiplayer Wine Tasting

Being in lockdown isn't fun for anyone. And while we can't replace going to the pub, we can provide a fun activity for your Friday night Zoom drinks with friends or colleagues!

Run your own wine tasting with Winepost

The key to a good wine tasting is ensuring everyone has the same wines to drink. Each of our wines comes with a customised tasting card, that'll tell you things like how acidic and tannic it is, as well as pull out three key flavours for you to try and taste. You can then all taste and compare notes, before tucking in to whichever bottle was your favourite!

To get started with our multiplayer wine tasting:

  1. Choose how many bottles you each want and what mix of red, white and rose. We'd recommend everyone getting the same mix and at least one of each colour.
  2. Order through our "gift options", which means you can order your delivery as a one-off delivery: 3 bottles, 6 bottles or 12 bottles.
  3. Make sure you write in the Wine Tastes box that you're doing a multiplayer wine tasting and agree on a code for everyone to write, so we can ensure you all get the same wines (eg. you might all write Multiplayer for Thomas Family in the Wine Tastes box).

And you're done! We'll package you all up the same wines and choose a good spread of wines so that you get a feel for different tastes. Delivery is on Fridays, so you'll be ready perfectly in time for the weekend!

If you're doing this for more than 6 people, please drop us an email to in advance, so we can ensure we have the stock to provide you all with the same wines.