The Best Subscription Boxes and Services in the UK

The Best Subscription Boxes and Services in the UK

Our favourite subscriptions, from laundry capsules to beer, and everything in between

My favourite subscriptions.

Tristan Thomas

Winepost Founder

I remember when I first discovered subscription boxes last year. I’d heard of companies like Pact Coffee before, but hadn’t grasped how much subscription deliveries had boomed over the last few years. 

Look on the left at the screenshot of Google searches for “subscription boxes” over the last 15 years. Until 2011, it seems like the term barely even existed and then usage slowly grew from there. The last couple of years have seen even stronger growth. You can see similar graphs when looking at more specific types of subscriptions, like coffee subscriptions, beer subscriptions and plant subscriptions, as well as wine subscriptions. 

When I discovered these subscription boxes, it opened my eyes to a whole new way of getting my products delivered. The nirvana of never having to leave my house again flashed before my eyes, before I realised how awful that would be. But getting certain things regularly delivered because I cared about their quality, wanted the convenience or just couldn’t be bothered to think about them definitely had an appeal. 

So below, I’ve collated all of the subscriptions I use. This isn’t your standard affiliate link packed article from a news site that just wants to get commission, but genuine recommendations of the subscriptions I get delivered to my house. If something isn’t on there, it’s probably because I haven’t discovered or tried it yet! 

Laundry Capsules: Smol

So weirdly enough, this was actually the subscription that got me hooked in the first place. I think they got me with an Instagram advert initially but the idea instantly clicked. The idea of never having to think about buying laundry powder again was impossible to resist. I love Smol. Their laundry capsules smell great and clean my clothes, plus they’re eco-friendly and not tested on animals. Their subscription process on their website is super simple and once I signed up, I rarely have to think about them again. For laundry, that seems like the best outcome possible. 

Household cleaning: Splosh

Splosh was the next subscription service I found, inspired by my success with Smol. I use Splosh for washing up liquid and all of their home cleaners (kitchen, toilet, glass and floor cleaners). Shipping cleaners like this is a pain -- they’re heavy and mostly made out of water. So Splosh get around this by just shipping you the concentrate when you want a refill. You can then combine the refill with hot water in the original bottle they send and you’re good to go. It’s genius - less plastic, refills can fit through your letterbox and it’s much friendlier to the environment because you can then ship your empty refill pouches back to them for recycling. Their whole product line is “closed loop”, which should mean nothing ever has to be thrown away.