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About Us

I started Winepost during the UK coronavirus lockdown in early 2020. I was trying to figure out how to get wine delivered and it turned out to be quite difficult. There were some excellent wine merchants if you already knew what you wanted, but there’s nothing that really caters for the “uneducated but keen” demographic, where I squarely placed myself. I enjoyed wine, but knew next-to-nothing about it, so I tended to go into the supermarket and just look for a bottle of wine between £5 and £10 that had a nice label. 

And so Winepost was born.  

I wanted to build something that takes all of the hassle out of buying wine, while also teaching people about wine. So we’ve made it as easy as possible to sign up — just choose how many bottles you want, how often you want them, and tell us about any wines you already know you like.  Then we’ll take it from there. 

Every month or two, you’ll receive a selection of wines delivered to your door and we’ll then ask you to rate them, so we can customise your future deliveries. You can change the number of bottles, frequency of delivery and types of wine anytime, as well as pause or cancel easily. And we’ll include tasting details for each wine you do receive, so you can learn more about what you like and dislike. 

Each delivery is handpicked for you by our in-house wine expert, taking into account all of your previous ratings, so each delivery should get better and better. And as we go, you’ll learn more about what wines you like and why, so you’re better equipped to order in restaurants and bars in the future. Or just impress your friends, as I now like to do. 

I’d love it if you signed up and gave Winepost a try. If you do, please let me know what you think!

Tristan Thomas, Winepost Founder