2 Bottles of Prosecco Gift Delivery With Gift Card

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 A great gift! Our high quality Domenico de Bertiol Spumante DOCG Prosecco, and our Montresor Pink Prosecco, delivered, together with a personal gift card, directly to the gift recipient's door, with free delivery.

This is 1 bottle of our white and 1 bottle of our pink Prosecco, making the perfect gift.

The Domenico de Bertiol Prosecco is grown in the Valdobbiadene district in the Prosecco region, this bottle comes from the birthplace of Prosecco. Prosecco was originally only grown in this area because of its steep hills which expose the grapes to more sun, helping them to ripen before they are picked by hand, ensuring that only grapes in the best condition are collected. While the official area that Prosecco is grown in has been expanded in recent years due to increasing demand, this bottle is a DOCG (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin) certified Prosecco, meaning it comes from the original, highest quality land in Valdobiadenne, a town that has been growing these grapes for more than three hundred years.

The Pink is our first pink Prosecco! 

2019 was the first year where Prosecco was allowed to be made in a rosé style, with the addition of some Pinot Noir to the standard Prosecco grape. The new Pink Prosecco rules are incredibly strict on quality: the wine must be a Vintage wine, it has to spend at least two months ageing, and has to be made with Pinot Noir. This means that Pink Prosecco is a big step up from the standard pink fizz you might find in a supermarket.


This is why it is the perfect gift!

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